triPAT® the software solution for real-time non-destructive QA/QC measurements, material identification and parameter prediction


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  • triPAT®

    triPAT® solutions deliver fast results to control industrial production processes. Results obtained by non-destructive measurements with molecular spectroscopy. triPAT® is an innovative approach to NIR fingerprinting

  • Measurement techniques

    Measurements with UV/VIS, NIR, FT-IR, Raman or ED-XRF. Process sensor data like temperature and pressure can be combined. Optimized sampling techniques and real-time scientific calculation are applied for product screening and parameter prediction

  • System Integration

    System Integration is an important key element of our triPAT® solution to achieve the highest level of benefit for our customers. Connect triPAT® to your business

  • Business process

    Raw material identification, fingerprint, and quality screening. Intermediate product quality control of mixed powders and liquids

Our Process Analytical Technology services

    system integration/chemometrics/industrial software/
    non-distructive chemical analysis/tailored extensions

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We are focused on

  • traceability

    activity logging delivering data to minimize process interuptions and product quality variation

  • usability

    agile role based functionality to assure best business praxis by adequate authorization

  • availability

    24/7 a basic requirement in many production industry processes

  • scalability

    deployment options to for small, mid-size and large production sites on one or multiple locations

  • adaptability

    integration with your business systems (ERP, MES) and compliance with regulatory requirements

  • flexibility

    different spectroscopy technologies and multiple brands controlled by one intuitive user interface

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