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Welcome to the website of Nirvention

Our business
Nirvention develops chemometrical tools to make it possible to apply and tune measurement techniques as Raman, NIR and XRF custom made to your production process. This opens a wide range of possibilities. Instruments that previously could not be used for production control and quality control can be implemented; fast decision making; no sample preparation; fast shifting between the production of various products on one product line.

Benefits for companies?
  • prevents fail costs due to off-spec products
  • raises productivity
  • facilitates quality control
  • lowers operating costs.
Our tools

Nirvention applies a large set of tools interpreting the huge volume of data being generated: among others multivariate statistics, applied mathematics, patern recognition, computer-science and even econometrics.


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Your benefits
Chemometrically 'trained' instruments make it possible to:
  • tune instruments (single or multiple) to your specific production process (instruments that are normally not -or less- apt for your process).
  • use data from multiple instruments as well as process data for quality control or process improvement
  • predict various parameters from one data set
  • eliminate (or at least diminish time spent on) sample preparation.
Our turn-key solutions are applicable in a wide array of industries: pharmaceutical, chemical, optics, metal, petrochemical, polymers, coatings, energy, transport, and so on. The brochure Tuning instruments to industrial processes highlights nine specific applications.