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Measuring real-time

TriPAT facilitates measuring real-time during processes, if desired from multiple instruments, such as NIR, Raman or XRF (from various brands). The modular character of the software makes it possible to tune it to any process, so it can be made tailor-made for your specific process.

TriPAT triples

TriPAT is designed conform the intention of PAT (Process Analytical Technology). However, it is even more than that:

  • triple P: process improvement, process independent, process information
  • triple A: advanced, adaptive, analytical triple A techniques (XRF, Raman and NIR)
  • triple T: tested, tuned and tailored to any specific process.



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PAT ensures final product quality

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is a system for designing, analysing and controlling manufacturing during processing. The goal is to control the manufacturing process in such a way that the final product quality is ensured. It is common sense that ‘quality cannot be tested into products, it should be built-in, that is to say by design”.

Laboratory versus direct process measurements

Measuring process samples in the laboratory is fine, however following PAT, is not sufficient.