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triPAT introduction pharmaceutical industry

The 8th congress PAT and QbD in London was an excellent opportunity to introduce the triPAT solution for the pharmaceutical industry. Nirvention presented a relative simple case: raw material identification. Nirvention's stand was visited frequently for additional information of the triPAT software for Process Analytical Technology and Quality by Design.


triPAT at the 8th annual IQPC pharma conference

Nirvention presents a triPAT solution at the 8th annual IQPC PAT and Quality by Design conference 14-16 February 2011 London UK

triPAT a power full pharma solution
Nirvention is presenting triPAT at the IQPC PAT conference undelining the benefits of the triPAT solution and its strengths. More info IQPC PAT conference 2011


Launch of triPAT advertising campaign

Nirvention started the triPAT marketing campaign in a leading pharma tade journal Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Media coverage for triPAT
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing of december has an article about TriPAT. The trade journal headlines: "triPAT Process Control Software for QbD implementation"
New product for industry
Nirvention is on the verge of launching triPAT. A new innovative software product that improves and simplifies checking, measuring and controlling on business and or client specifications. Introduction is expected in October.
Recall of 380 million eggs in the US avoidable?
image/jpeg US food regulators demand a recall of 380 million eggs after salmonella outbreak. Using chemometrically trained NIR would have prevented the fourfold increase of salmonella poisoning as well as the recall of such large quantities of eggs. Chemometrically trained NIR can monitor egg quality and freshness non-destructively.
New chemometrical software for producing feed
New case: chemometrically trained NIR to control and adjust protein additions in a mixing process of a feed manufacturing company. This results in a leaner production process.

For more information: nirvention.tumblr.com/post/892641072/chemometrics
Nirvention is blogging

Nirvention is blogging. The topics are technological issues concerning process control, quality control, process improvement and instruments like NIR, Raman and XRF.


For more information: nirvention.tumblr.com

Wanted: suppliers instruments
Nirvention is active in numerous projects within several industry sectors. Our mission is tuning instruments like XRF, Raman and NIR to specific industrial processes. Up till now we obtained individual instruments per project. We are looking - for continuity reasons- for partners that are willing to participate and supplying the instruments. Preferably several (per region and per instrument type), but not necessarily. If you are interested: mail us or use the contact form.

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  "The art of chemometrics makes it possible to extract, handle, enrich large data volumes to obtain as much information from systems as possible"