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Feed industry

Feed manufacturers have to deal with quality variances of their raw materials caused by multiple suppliers, regions, storage conditions and seasons. GMO screening and chemical residue measurements may be required. Bulk material cannot wait for sampling and laboratory measurements.

Time consuming laboratory analysis can be replaced by faster ones. Associated data management and QC of the wide diversity of product matrices is a huge problem. A big step forward can be made by chemometrically trained instrument tailored to a specific product / production process.

Feed manufacturers have to comply with regulatory requirements of the FDA. Feed safety is a major issue of the industry. Nutrient content, minerals, vitamins and moisture in raw materials and final products are key figures for the feed business.

Feed companies have increasingly integrated at-line quality control into their production process. Current measurement quality is hard to manage. At-line and on-line measurements with integrated data management are more adequate solutions to guarantee that raw material and final products stay within predefined limits.

Application 'in the picture'


Leaner process

idenfitications of raw material. On-line protein and fat measurements


Sharper process control; less waste of expensive raw materials.