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Cosmetics industry

The cosmetic industry faces a stiff competition. Production has to meet strict hygiene protocols.

Evidently, measurements can help by reducing (or eliminating) production risk and lowering operating costs.

Possibe applications

  • determining contaminants
  • analysing raw materials
  • analysing composition of mixtures

Application 'in the picture'


Quality control and safety in cosmetics

Nitrosamines are considered to be carcinogenic to man. Heavy metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury and antimony are toxic and subsequently prohibited in cosmetic products.


However, heavy metals and nitrosamines occur as impurities in raw materials. They can also be introduced during the processs. This has as consequence that cosmetic industries need to measure and control heavy metals and nitrosamine in extreme low quantities (sub ppb levels).

Nirvention has fast solutions for measuring non-destructively raw materials on heavy metals (chemometrically trained XRF) and nitrosamines (chemometrically trained NIR/Raman).